Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees 2023-24
Registration Fee $675 per child
(PK-2 to 4th grades)
Due at registration. Non-refundable. Online payment made by credit card or digital check.
$975 per child
(5th to 8th grades)
Tuition $13,995 per child

Non-refundable deposit of $1,000 per child due at registration. Deposit online payment made by credit card or digital check.

Tuition balance paid in 10 monthly installments using FACTS Program, or in full by check by 4/30/23.

New Family Fee $1,000 per family

New families only – due at registration. Non-refundable. Online payment made by credit card or digital check.

Families with more than one child in the school will receive a reduction of $500 per child.

  • The cost of tuition is based on the per pupil cost, and is calculated upon the school’s expenses, including salaries, benefits, professional development, maintenance, utilities, supplies, property liability, food and cafeteria, etc.
  • Fundraising is a critical part of the school’s financial health. Tuition and fees alone do not suffice to support the school. We expect each family to participate in fundraising endeavors.
  • Step Up For Students scholarship applications are available at Financial Aid may be available for school families if denied by Step Up. For more information on how to apply, visit our State Scholarships page or contact our office.
Home and School Fees 2023-24
Home & School Dues $225 per family This covers all schoolwide expenses outside the classroom. Will be charged via FACTS on 7/25/23.
School Supplies $80 per child The Home & School will purchase all the school supplies requested by the teachers. Will be charged via FACTS on 7/25/23.
Class Dues $70 per child This covers all expenses inside the classroom, such as activities as well as five gifts of $50 each to all staff. * Will be charged via FACTS on 7/25/23.
Raffle Fee $500 per family Will be charged via FACTS on 9/29/23. You can reimburse yourself by selling your family’s 5 tickets.

*Please note that this is the maximum amount allowed by the Archdiocese of Miami.

Please note:

  • The Home & School will hold events throughout the year in an effort to build community and to raise funds for our Building with JOY project and 10% will go toward our scholarship fund. Our main fundraising effort will be the raffle with 10 drawings of $10,000 each.
  • Both 2nd and 8th grades will have an additional collection to help cover extra expenses related to the Sacraments of Communion and Confirmation respectively. 8th grade will also have an additional collection related to graduation.
  • The Home & School may do other collections if deemed necessary. There should be NO other collection of funds not authorized by the school administration. All additional collections will be communicated by the administration.